New Paintings

Lady Impala

A footloose armadillo takes a handy pocket mouse on a scavenger hunt.  Meandering westward along roadsides and watercourses, they collect wildflowers and other curiosities.  Texas ebony, bluebonnets, acacia, blanket flowers, bluebells, oak galls,... READ MORE

Desert Stars

After a long winter in their burrows, a pair of Gila monsters bask comfortably on recliners assembled from agave leaves, devils claws, and mesquite twigs lashed together with yucca fiber.  In a sunny... READ MORE

The Raven’s Friend

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A raven and a Harris’s antelope squirrel met as youngsters while the injured bird recovered near the ground-dweller’s burrow. Because the squawks and flapping wings scared the snakes away, the squirrel provided food... READ MORE

The Belly Dancer

Gila Monsters can’t dance!  So would say anyone whose human eyes have been blessed with the sight of these lizards of cinder and rose, crawling belly-to-the-sand.  Or clambering over boulders, or up into... READ MORE