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Rocks were my first love.  I collected them, climbed on them, lived in them, played with them, painted them.  You could call me a “rock hugger”. For people and plants, they were our beginnings in a solid universe, the bones … Continued

Lady Impala

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A footloose armadillo takes a handy pocket mouse on a scavenger hunt.  Meandering westward along roadsides and watercourses, they collect wildflowers and other curiosities.  Texas ebony, bluebonnets, acacia, blanket flowers, bluebells, oak galls, cactus fruits and snake skins are plentiful. … Continued

Desert Stars

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After a long winter in their burrows, a pair of Gila monsters bask comfortably on recliners assembled from agave leaves, devils claws, and mesquite twigs lashed together with yucca fiber.  In a sunny spot among cholla cactus, yellow bahia flowers, … Continued

The Belly Dancer

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Gila Monsters can’t dance!  So would say anyone whose human eyes have been blessed with the sight of these lizards of cinder and rose, crawling belly-to-the-sand.  Or clambering over boulders, or up into low trees or cacti in search of … Continued


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Why would a skunk, who is out and about after dark in black and white fur,  be named “Sunny”?  True, she did have a night life, and slept by day in her den.  Yet, she often wondered what the sunlit … Continued

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