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Rocks were my first love.  I collected them, climbed on them, lived in them, played with them, painted them.  You could call me a “rock hugger”. For people and plants, they were our beginnings in a solid universe, the bones of civilizations, the ancient material that made us and our world.   The structures we build from rock are subject to the same organic forces that alter the rock itself.   My rock cities and buildings obviously do not represent new structures, but rather those that have all but broken down and returned to their prehistoric condition.

One day about 20 years ago, hiking up a dry canyon, I picked up a small house-shaped rock and thus began one of my collections–rocks with architectural forms.  They could be factories, cottages, villas, churches, institutions, apartments, and so on.  Thousands of rocks quickly piled up everywhere, sorted by colors, patterns, shapes, sizes, etc.  For each “city” group, hundreds of rocks are needed for “try-outs”, then only a few are chosen.

Each skyscraper is composed of several long, rectangular rocks, usually 3 to 6, stacked and glued.  Cuts are made horizontally only for joining.  Shapes and colors are unchanged.  I have added suggestions of windows or small details with paint.  The platforms are ⅜” steel, floating on ½” aluminum bars, with felt protection underneath.

Rock City #1 —-18” x 8” x  8.5”

Red Church with Graveyard—– 17” x 5” x  5.5”
Red Church with Graveyard
Frozen Church—-14” x 5” x 5.5”
Frozen Church
Two Cottages—- 7.5” x 8” x 2.75”
Two Cottages


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  1. Barbara Elmore

    OMG!! As one rock lover to another, these are breathtaking! You know how clammy one’s hands can get even looking a photo of someone hanging from a cliff? I didn’t get clammy hands, but my heart stopped while looking at these amazing rock assemblies!

  2. Karen Hite

    Hi Carolyn, I really love your art! Especially the paintings with animals. I would like to purchase a piece. How can I see what you have available and the prices?

  3. I would like to order your cards for our retail store Upstairs at Pierre Lafond in Santa Barbara.
    Please let me know if I this would be a possibility.

    Thank you,
    Shelley Koury
    Upstairs at PierrLafond

  4. Ricki Goldhamer

    Hi Carolyn
    I love your artwork and would love to see your originals – do you have any pieces in galleries in Los Angeles or New York City? Or where might I be able to your work?
    Thank you.

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